We had a "CRAZY DAY IN MAY"!

GENESIS 1475 Noble Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06610 (in the Hall, not the Sanctuary) | Phone: 203.366.6778 | Email: MJ@BPTGenesis.org

Instead of having conversations about, "who's going out with who, who's wearing what and other things that can't make a difference in our lives, let's talk about things that can! Let's talk about matters of the heart, mind and spirit! Let's do that and add some, "good folks, good food, and good fun!" That's what happens at "The Inner-View" Chat & Chew!"

Themes that have invited thought, laughter and conversation have included:
  • "Manna for the Month of May" 
  • "An April Artistic Adventure"
  • "Who you callin' crazy?" (Did you know your spiritual health is an indication of your mental health and vice versa?")
  • "Luck vs Blessings" 
  • "What's LOVE got to do with it?"
  • We served "Cups of Encouragement" in September and the list goes on!

There are door prizes, fun, laughter and the excitement that comes with meeting new people.
Call 203-366-6778 for more information and to make your reservation since a scrumptious lunch will be served!

Join us every 3rd Saturday of the month at

11:00 AM for "good folks, good food and good fun"!